Profiklen Maternity Pads for Women Super Absorption| Disposable Period Panties for Women Leak Proof - Pack Of 1 (5 Pads/Pack) - XXL

Profiklen Maternity Pad is contoured to provide Super Absorption, Form-fitting prevents back and side flow, Antibacterial properties prevent vaginal infection, Breathable back sheet checks heat build-up and rashes, Ideal for heavy pre-and postpartum lochia, Soft and cushioned comfort for stitches, Aids in post-natal incontinence.

5 count (Pack of 1)

Features of Profiklen Maternity Pads

Benefits of Profiklen Maternity Pads

  1. Soft and Cushioned: Our pads are made from ultra-soft materials, providing a gentle, cushioned surface that ensures maximum comfort for sensitive skin.
  2. Antibacterial Protection: Equipped with antibacterial properties, Profiklen Maternity Pads help protect against infections, ensuring a hygienic experience.
  3. Super Absorption Power: Our pads are made with a cutting-edge, highly absorbent core that seals in moisture and offers exceptional leak prevention.
  4. Larger Surface Area: Profiklen Maternity Pads provide a larger surface area and  give comprehensive covering with added protection against leaks.