Profiklen Daily Pad


The Protective liner to take care daily women

Proficon introduces “Proficlen Daily”. Profilden daily Liners are designed to provide the ultimate comfort & needed protection for active women, perfect for light days & are impregnated with *Super Absorbent Polymer which absorbs 60% fluid more than the regular leading liners. Profiklen daily liners are topped with soft cotton layer that provide maximum comfort for a “barely there” feel.

  • For Daily Use

  • Non-Period Days

With Profiklen daily liners you feel the difference
  • The Napkin that fits into panty & makes women comfortable.
  • Everyday protection from light discharge & incontinence.
  • 100% natural cotton surface for instant comfortable feel.
  • Extra absorbent for everyday freshness.
  • Moisture – Proof barrier protects against leakage.
  • With super absorbed polymers for better absor.