Do I need it?

The routine sanitary pads need to be changed every 2-3 hours owing to the heavy uterine discharge. So as to say, in a day of 24 hours you’ll be changing the pads about 8-10 times. This exercise is very important to ward off the infection which places an additional burden on the women. The routine pads do not suite the purpose and will increase the chances of vaginal infection. Hence, it’s important to buy maternity pads.
It’s important to buy specific maternity pads for straight after birth. They are longer, softer and much more absorbent than ordinary sanitary pads. Independent midwives advise women to use specially designed maternity pads but to avoid any made with plastics as these will make the wound area hot and aggravate any stitches. For better comfort, wear high-waisted old cotton knickers to hold your pads in place properly and especially if you have bruising or stitches.